Hey guys, it’s Bob again! After several years working with clients in retail and consumer goods, I get it…it’s 4th quarter. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is beyond busy. Your workdays have stretched to 10 or 12 hours. You are constantly thinking about work. “Did we hit our numbers for the day?” “How is production?” … Read more

Work Culture

Hello Friends! Earlier in the year, when I announced that I was joining the blogging world, “Work Culture” was one of the topics that you wanted me to discuss.  First, let me stress that I believe that my #1 job is to create the ultimate work culture.  What is work culture?  Google defines work culture … Read more

Bob the Blogger

Hey guys, Bob Parsons here! Here at Dismas, we have grown rapidly – and we’re proud to call some of the world’s leading retail and apparel brands our clients. Our focus is on retail, consumer products, sewing, and corrugated displays. I recap a little bit about myself and the company because I am here to … Read more

Adapt your business to changing times

This article was initially published in Smart Business. The only thing that is constant is change. Over the years, I’ve learned, in times of change, a company can thrive if the team remains true to its strengths and values, while staying open to new ideas and adapting as needed. Because we embrace this philosophy at … Read more

Dismas CEO Bob Parsons: How We Find & Keep Great Employees

The article was initially published in Smart Business. My work has always aligned in some way with my passion for people. In both my personal and professional life, I find fulfillment in caring for people, connecting people to one another and, ultimately, helping them succeed. So, employee recruitment and retention have been priorities from the … Read more

Bob Parsons: Client relationships are key to business growth

The article was initially published in Smart Business. Building and deepening client relationships are essential parts of growing and improving your business. It’s one of the best things I get to do every day at Dismas. While relationship building is deeply personal and has no exact formula, I wanted to share a few strategies that … Read more

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