This client is a clothing and accessories retailer specializing in high-quality screen printed T-shirts and tanks with a unique island vibe.


With so much success in such a short period of time, this client quickly found it difficult to keep up with consumer demand. Their production cycle involved multiple steps (attaching tags, sorting, folding, and bagging for shipment) and was time-consuming for their small team. Orders from the online shop and from their retail partners were coming in so fast that production time had slowed to more than three weeks from pre-printing to shipment, putting a financial strain on the owners and their small team.


The Dismas team worked with the owners to create a custom suite of value-added supply chain services that met their unique needs and streamlined their production cycle. After printing, all T-shirts are transported directly to Dismas where their trained and experienced seamstresses and warehouse staff apply tickets and tags and sort, fold and prepare each piece for shipping. Their hands-on approach and attention to detail ensure that high-quality work is completed in a fraction of the time.


Dismas employed their retail and apparel expertise to streamline this client’s production cycle, transforming it from a 3-week process to a short 48 hours from printing to shipment, and enabling the company to fulfill special orders and quick turnaround jobs. Since this client began working with Dismas in 2011, the company has experienced more than a 600% increase in annual production. With the help of Dismas, they produced nearly 50,000 T-shirts in 2015 and brought in nearly $1 million in revenue—a record-setting year for the flourishing company.

“We visited the warehouse and talked directly to the people doing the work, and they’re always suggesting ways to make things easier and more cost-effective. It’s very interactive.” – Client

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