This Fortune 100 client is an American multinational conglomerate company. They produce commercial and consumer products in numerous industries.


The clients were carrying an inventory of nearly 29,000 pairs of safety glasses that were marked with an incorrect logo. The stock included multiple styles, with the incorrect markings in various positions on the frames. For the glasses to be eligible for sale to an off-priced buyer, the markings needed to be removed in their entirety. Also, the glasses needed a quality inspection to identify those with scratched lenses, as those are not saleable.


The Dismas team carefully removed the logos, while also ensuring that no sharp spurs of loose plastic resulted from the work. During this process, Dismas employees also inspected the lenses for scratches and extracted the failed units.


Dismas completed the project seamlessly. Through their process and inspection, Dismas generated 28,786 saleable units and rejected 45 units due to scratching. They were able to complete the job in a much shorter time frame than the client would have been able to accomplish internally, which saved the client money. During a site visit, the client noted that strong attention to detail.

“The Dismas team is very flexible, personable, and open. They are happy to open their facility to us and are transparent in reviewing capabilities and bandwidth. When Dismas does a project for us, I know that they will do it right and turn it around quickly. It is a relief not to have to worry about managing the day-to-day.” – Client

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