Work Culture

Hello Friends!

Earlier in the year, when I announced that I was joining the blogging world, “Work Culture” was one of the topics that you wanted me to discuss. 

First, let me stress that I believe that my #1 job is to create the ultimate work culture. 

What is work culture? 

Google defines work culture as “the character and personality of an organization. It’s what makes a business unique and is the sum of its values, traditions, beliefs, interactions, behaviors, and attitudes. Positive workplace culture attracts talent, drives engagement, impacts happiness and satisfaction, and affects performance.”

What does work culture mean to me?

To me, culture is all-encompassing. 

How do our clients perceive Dismas? 


How do our competitors perceive Dismas? 


How do our employees perceive Dismas? 


Do we have a positive environment?  


Are we a company that just says the right things – or do our actions support our words? 


To no surprise (since I invented Google), Google and I are on the same page. 

How we treat our employees, our clients, and our community speaks volumes about who we are as a business. We don’t just talk the talk. We walk the walk.

Work Culture at Dismas

Dismas believes in fostering positive relationships, both internally and externally. 

Every client is different, just as every business is different. I get it. We are intentional about taking the time to know our clients, both as people and as businesses. We take the time to gain a full understanding of our clients’ business objectives and expectations. We stay focused on what we do best – we ask questions, we are flexible, and we care about the outcome. If you are a client, we become part of YOUR BUSINESS.

Dismas is committed to doing the right thing, exceeding expectations, and providing our clients with the highest quality value-added services.

Internally, we invest in our employees. We make it clear to our employees that we genuinely care not only about them but their families as well. We recognize commitment and dedication and help our associates build a better tomorrow for themselves and those they love. I want our employees to find joy in both what they do and with other people at work. The goal is to create that perfect work/life balance and maintain it. 

Our turnover is very low, which tells me that our employees enjoy both their work and their work environment.

I love what I do. I strive each day to make our employees feel the same way.

That, my friends, is work culture according to Google, Dismas, and Bob Parsons.

Watch our Facebook and LinkedIn pages for our employee spotlight videos to get to know some of the people who make Dismas a great place to work!  


Talk soon!

Bob Parsons

Managing Partner

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