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Retail, apparel and manufacturing industry experts ready to accelerate your speed to market

Our experienced team takes the time to learn your business and understand your needs. We will work with you to efficiently design a project plan with your timeline, budget and specifications in mind. We are committed to doing the right thing, exceeding expectations and providing our clients with the highest quality supply chain Value-Added Services (VAS).

Bob Parsons


[email protected]

Bob Parsons is the Managing Partner at Dismas. Since taking the reins in 2011, Bob has grown the company’s vision and strategy, drawing in some of the world’s leading retail and apparel brands, while also adding new capabilities, such as sewing and e-commerce. Under his leadership, Dismas was named one of the 50 fastest growing companies over 4 different years since 2011.

Craig Parsons

Director of Business Operations

[email protected]

Craig Parsons is the Director of Business Operations at Dismas. An experienced and results-driven professional, Craig has a strong track record of successful business growth, operational excellence, process development and strategy creation.

Cheryl Lutz

VP of Client Relations

[email protected]

Cheryl Lutz is our VP of Client Relations at Dismas. Cheryl holds a deep understanding of services and platforms to ensure client care is a smooth-running, effective day-to-day operation. Confirming the assignment at hand is properly executed, while building personable client relationships.

Tyler Armstrong

Director of Operations

[email protected]

Tyler Armstrong is the Director of Operations at Dismas. Tyler is an experienced professional with a background in operations and logistics. His primary focus includes overseeing day-to-day operations such as shipping, receiving, fulfillment and production. Tyler is passionate about delivering results and promoting a safe, inclusive, positive working environment for all team members.



Matt Cooperrider

Director of Sales & Marketing

[email protected]

Matt Cooperrider is our Director of Sales and Marketing at Dismas. Matt brings 15+ years of creative professional and account manager experience to the Dismas Team. He will be leading the Dismas sales initiative, as well as providing marketing oversight and assisting in the footwork of exploring new markets.

Marcela Villalba

Senior Production Supervisor

Marcela Villalba is the Senior Production Supervisor at Dismas. On the warehouse floor, she monitors employees’ time and production, assigns tasks to supervisors and leads, oversees the production schedule and manages warehouse safety.

Demaree Parsons

Account Manager

[email protected]

Demaree Parsons is an Account Manager at Dismas. He works very closely with clients and oversees the communication, planning, and execution between client jobs and the Dismas production team. And yes, he is Bobs son!

Jimmy Oswald

Inventory Control Manager

[email protected]

Jimmy Oswald is the Inventory Control Manager at Dismas. Jimmy also oversees any maintenance facility issues, effectively manages all inbound components, and assists/trains with the management of all forklift drivers.

Mark Genteline

Shipping & Receiving Supervisor

[email protected]

Mark Genteline is our Shipping and Receiving Supervisor at Dismas. He manages all inbound and outbound trailers, processes all bill of ladings, packing lists and assists/trains with the management of all forklift drivers.

Erik Gipson

Data Analyst

[email protected]

Erik Gipson is the Data Analyst at Dismas. Erik brings a decade of experience in the IT field to the Dismas team. He is responsible for creating and managing the Dismas inventory management system, as well as streamlining existing internal processes to make sure everything runs smoothly and as efficient as possible.

Em Armstrong

Resourcing Specialist

[email protected]

Em Armstrong is the Resourcing Specialist at Dismas. She works closely with both clients and internal production teams on kitting projects to ensure a smooth process from start to finish. She also procures all corrugate and supplies needed to complete any kitting projects.

Tommy Parsons

Operational Support

[email protected]

Tommy Parsons assists in all Operational Support at Dismas. Tommy plays an important part in helping implement the information technology and infrastructure advancements that are needed.

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