Supply chain value-added services with a commitment to speed and quality

Quality and speed are key to meeting consumer demand and upholding brand reputation. That’s why some of the world’s leading retail and apparel brands trust Dismas to complete their VAS projects. Our supply chain, logistics, and retail industry expertise and attention to detail allow us to tailor our offerings to your specifications in order to get your products out the door faster. Whether it’s a 200-unit repair or 100,000-unit quality control project, our facility is configured to allow merchandise to move quickly and efficiently from start to finish.

Our Process


We take the time to learn your business and specific needs and invite you to tour our 124,000-square-foot facility.


Based on timing, budget and specifications, we design an efficient project plan.


Once the plan is finalized, we customize our workstations and execute the project according to your specifications to help meet and exceed your goals.

Ticketing & Labeling

Ticketing, labeling and tagging in a fraction of the time to accelerate speed to market
From e-commerce and returns processing to sewing and assembly, many of our projects involve attaching or reattaching various types of tickets and labels. Our experienced team and scalable facility is equipped to complete projects, including ticket markdowns, and hang tag application, to accelerate your product’s speed to market.

Assembly & Kitting

Retail product packaging, gifts sets and displays assembled with quality and speed
Our assembly & kitting services include gift set assembly, retail product packaging and kitting, and product assembly, including retail displays. Our team is committed to upholding your brand reputation, handling products with care, and assembling sets and packages according to your specifications.

Quality Control

Piece-by-piece inspection to tackle product inconsistencies and defects
Our detail-oriented team inspects your product piece-by-piece to ensure that all specifications are consistently met. If inconsistencies or defects are found, our team will repair or rework your product according to your needs.


Experienced sewing professionals
With nine different machine types in-house, our 14 specialty sewing machines accommodate small- and large-capacity projects, including label sewing, stitch and seam repair. We hire only trained and experienced sewing professionals whose hands-on approach enables them to achieve a high production rate and complete the most tedious tasks with quality and attention to detail.


Prep your online products for quick and efficient shipping
Our team is equipped to support this growing area of your business with folding, bagging, ticketing & labeling, and returns processing capabilities. We are equipped with the latest technology to print and apply unique UPC barcodes on demand to ensure your product is processed correctly when it returns to your facility.


Inventory management, product gathering for orders, and packaging to meet your fulfillment needs 
Our facility is equipped to receive your product, pick, package, and ship to complete your orders. Let our team take care of the fulfillment needs of your business in a timely fashion.

Returns Processing

Large-scale sorting, folding and repackaging to combat the chaos of returns processing
Processing thousands of pieces of product is a tedious and time-consuming task for your internal team. Let our team handle the sorting, folding, repackaging, retagging and any other tasks involved in processing product returns. With 124,000 square feet of space, our warehouse is equipped to receive and quickly process large shipments of product for easy integration back into your inventory.

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